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At our first trade show we were asked repeatedly why we didn’t want to produce our puzzles in China. We thought through this at the inception of our company and here are the reasons we are so pleased our puzzles are made in the USA:

1. Quality and Craftsmanship

Products made in the USA are often associated with superior quality and craftsmanship. This perception stems from rigorous manufacturing standards, advanced technology, and skilled labor practices, which result in durable, reliable, and well-made goods.

2. Supporting Local Economy

We want to support our nation’s economy by creating jobs and stimulating economic growth. Doing so contributes to maintaining and strengthening domestic industries, reducing reliance on foreign imports, and promoting sustainable economic development.

3. Labor and Environmental Standards

The USA has stringent labor laws and environmental regulations that protect workers’ rights, ensure safe working conditions, and promote sustainable manufacturing practices. We want our products to be produced under these ethical standards.

4. Transparency and Accountability

Products manufactured in the USA are subject to strict regulatory oversight, ensuring transparency in production processes and accountability for quality control. This transparency ensures trust among our customers who we know value the origins and manufacturing practices behind the products they purchase.

5. National Security and Resilience

Domestic manufacturing capability is crucial for national security and resilience. It reduces dependence on foreign suppliers for essential goods and supplies, ensuring continuity in supply chains during emergencies or geopolitical disruptions.

6. Innovation and Technological Advancement

Manufacturing in the USA fosters innovation and technological advancement. Proximity to leading research institutions, access to skilled workforce, and collaborative industry networks contribute to continuous improvement and innovation in product development and manufacturing processes.

7. Reducing Carbon Footprint

Producing goods closer to where they are consumed reduces the distance they need to travel which cuts down on transportation-related emissions. These emissions can be significant in global supply chains. We want our puzzles to travel the shortest possible distance they can. Also, the US has stricter environmental regulations than some countries; these regulations can limit the amount of pollution that factories can release which can help reduce the carbon footprint of the products they make. We care about our planet as this is the only home we have, and we know you do too.

8. Pride and Patriotism

We know producing and buying products made in the USA evokes a sense of pride, patriotism, and loyalty to our country. It reflects a commitment to supporting local businesses, preserving national identity, and upholding American values.   “Made in the USA” matters to us because it signifies quality, supports local economies, adheres to high standards of labor and environmental practices, promotes transparency and accountability, enhances national security, fosters innovation, and instills pride among our customers and us. We are proud that our puzzles are made in the United States. Happy Puzzling! Cortney & Val

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