What makes our puzzles unique?

The Original Life-Size

Trivia Puzzle

Large as Life puzzles are the first of their kind!

Just like the world around us, our puzzles are a one-of-a-kind learning experience. Each puzzle we create is a window to the natural world, featuring stunning photography and intriguing trivia questions that beg to be shared with family and friends.


 Every puzzle is within the generally accepted size range for the animal it depicts.


Every piece has a trivia question on the back, with question difficulty ranging from easy to advanced.

Color coded

Need some extra help? The back of every piece is color-coded, dividing the puzzle into smaller, more manageable groups of adjacent pieces. Don’t want the extra help? No problem! Just mix all your pieces together face-up.

Custom-shaped pieces

A select number of custom-shaped puzzle pieces are hidden in each puzzle! Can you find them?

Premium-quality pieces

We use extra thick puzzle board for durability and a soft-touch coating for a luxurious, tactile experience.

Made in USA

We proudly manufacture in the United States – reducing our carbon footprint and supporting the U.S. economy.

Professional, real photography

We use real photographs of real animals. The stunning images we use are carefully selected, featuring a variety of well-known wildlife photographers.


1% of gross revenue is donated to global education and conservation. Read more about our commitment to impact here.

Recyclable materials

Don’t throw our products away! Please recycle or donate to somebody else.

Non-toxic inks

Confidently gift our puzzles to loved ones, knowing the inks used in printing are safe!

Free shipping for orders of 2 or more puzzles!